ONC Certified EMR Software

What Makes A Good ONC Certified EMR?

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is an electronic health record system developed to store medical information. It contains patient data, history, medication, diagnosis, test results, and clinical notes. This system helps doctors with their daily duties.

If you are looking for a good EMR software for yourself, it is necessary for you to know some qualities that this software must possess. These qualities are discussed below.

Good user interface: User interface means how the users interact with the software. In order to provide a good user experience, the software must have a good and responsive UI. It must be easy to navigate through and understand.

Data security: Data security is very important in today’s world where cyber attacks are frequent. Since medical records contain sensitive and confidential information, it is essential that the software provides adequate protection against unauthorized access.

SaaS model: SaaS refers to Software as a Service – a cloud-based service model where the software runs on remote servers operated by third parties. With the SaaS model, the user does not need to install any software locally.

Automated updates: Automated update is one of the major factors that determine the success of an EMR software system. Once the updates are released, these updates should be automatically installed on the server.

Integration with other systems: Integration with other systems like billing, appointment scheduling, patient portal, etc., is another factor that determines the success of a healthcare solution. An integrated EMR software enables physicians to work more efficiently.

In conclusion, a good EMR software should meet all these criteria. But it is not enough to just get them. You need to check whether they actually help improve the overall workflow within your clinic.

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What Is ONC Certified EMR Software ONC certified electronic medical records (EMR) software helps doctors and other healthcare providers work more effectively while providing quality care.