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What Makes A Good Online Course Platforms?

The online course market is growing rapidly, and there are hundreds of options available. But finding one that fits your needs can be tough. Here’s our list of the best platforms to choose from.

Course creation: Creating an online course requires a lot more than simply writing some code and uploading files. It involves designing your course, choosing a theme, creating videos, and much more. Some platforms specialize in this area, while others focus on providing everything you need to create an engaging course.

Learning management system (LMS): An LMS is a learning platform that provides students with courses and exams. In addition to supporting student enrollment, it helps instructors manage assignments and track completion rates.

Marketing automation: Marketing automation tools allow instructors to set up automated messages to send out to their students. These messages can be triggered by events such as enrolling in a class or completing a quiz. Some solutions even provide analytics tools to see how effective each message was.

Social media integration: Social media platforms play an increasingly important role in today’s digital landscape. To encourage interaction and engagement, some platforms integrate social media directly into the instructor dashboard. Others provide separate dashboards for each channel.

Inventory management: Many instructors rely heavily on external services like Amazon to sell their products. With inventory management, these vendors become integrated into their teaching materials. They can automatically generate invoices, generate shipping labels, and other tasks.

Content curation: Content curation is another feature that can help instructors build a community around their work. Some platforms allow instructors to upload course materials, assign them to specific groups, and let members of the group vote on different aspects of the material.

What Is Online Course Platforms Software | Online CoursesnAn online course platform is a learning management solution (LMS) that helps instructors create and deliver online classes.