Operating Systems Software

What Makes A Good Operating Systems?

When choosing Operating System software, there are a lot of factors to consider. From security to performance, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite choices below.

Security: Security is one of the biggest problems OS X users face today. With Mac malware growing by leaps and bounds, it’s not surprising that Apple made security a priority with El Capitan. Alongside changes to Safari and macOS Sierra, El Capitan introduces Gatekeeper to allow developers to submit apps through the new App Store review process.

Performance: Performance is key to any operating system. When it comes to OS X, the default settings are often set too low, resulting in long boot times and frequent reboots. To solve this problem, Apple introduced the new Energy Saver preference pane to let users fine tune energy usage.

Customization: Customization is an area where Windows excels over Mac. Windows 10 includes tons of customization options that allow users to easily change their UI (User Interface) appearance and style. Users can download third party apps to customize their experience further.

What Is Operating Systems Software Operating systems software is the software that runs on your computer. It handles all the low-level tasks like managing memory, scheduling programs, and handling user input.