Partner Program

Whether you are just starting out and want to make your first $1,000 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) or you want to take your online business to six or seven figures in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue).

There are four ways I can help you earn more while working less.

Which would you like help with?

  • I’m an affiliate looking for programs to join.
  • I’m new to affiliate marketing and looking for help.
  • I’m a product owner looking for affiliates to promote our product.
  • I’m a product owner and thinking about starting a program.

Trying to grow your SaaS revenue, brand awareness, and user adoption can be challenging. It becomes even harder when you have limited in-house resources in sales and marketing.

Building a strong in-house sales and or marketing team can take a lot of financial commitment, time and effort.

Paid marketing and advertising cost more than ever, and data tracking and privacy is becoming harder (for good reasons).

To get your product out there, you need to start building a small sale army on a global scale.

Building a strong partner program for your product and building relationships with affiliate partners & resellers is a winning combination for both parties.

You both already have similar goals in mind, to sell great products, be successful and make more money.

There are many different ways both SaaS companies and partners can work together. Whether you are a content creator, consultant, trainer or indirect competitor, there are always different opportunities for you to work together.

The 3 Main Partner Categories

There are many different types of partner programs, categories and names. The concept basically stays much the same across the different types. It is just how they are promoted or how they engage with the end user or customer who will purchase the product.

1. Affiliate Partner

Promote products through content created for larger-scale audiences. Affiliate partners typically don’t have a direct relationship with their audience and drive traffic to product websites via unique tracking links and earn a cut when that traffic converts to a paid user.

2. Referral Partners

Referral Partners often have a direct one-to-one relationship, these leads are generally already highly qualified and ready to purchase.

3. Reseller / Channel Partners

Partners sell on your behalf, register deals, onboard, support and help set the end users up on behalf of your company. More suitable for complex and enterprise sales that involve longer sales cycles.

The Other Categories

Above are the top three most common partner programs, but there are a bunch of different other terms, and categories partners can fall under. As mentioned earlier, the concept is still the same it is just the different ways they deliver or promote the product to the end users, each may also have different incentives and commissions offered.

  • Incentive Program
  • Education Partner
  • Technical Partner
  • Strategic Partner
  • Support Partner
  • Sale Partner
  • Integration Partner