Patient Case Management Software

What Makes A Good Patient Case Management?

A patient case management (PCM) system helps doctors manage patient cases effectively by tracking appointments, medications, labs, tests, referrals, billing, and scheduling. PCM systems help doctors manage several patients simultaneously, streamline workflow, and provide a single source of truth for each patient.

Useful tools for managing patient cases: When looking for a PCM system, you’ll need to pay attention to two key areas: 1) the number of patients you can track at once, and 2) the ease with which you can enter new data into the system.

Number of patients tracked: Ideally, you’ll be able to track up to 50 patients at once. That said, some PCM systems allow you to track fewer than 10 patients, whereas others allow you to track upwards of 500. Keep this in mind when choosing a PCM system.

Entering new data: Once you find a PCM system that meets your needs, you’ll still need to know whether it’s possible to input new information easily into the system. Some systems require you to manually enter new data, while others allow you to import spreadsheets and documents directly into the system.

What Is Patient Case Management Software Patient case management software helps healthcare organizations manage patient cases from pre-diagnosis through post-treatment.