Patient Check-In Kiosk Software

What Makes A Good Patient Check-In Kiosk?

Patient check-in kiosks are becoming increasingly popular across healthcare facilities. These self-service machines allow patients to enter information directly into their electronic medical records (EMR) via touchscreens. And because they’re self-service, they eliminate the need for staff to manually input patient information into EMR systems.

The benefits of patient check-in kiosks have been well documented. According to a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, “ for every dollar invested in electronic health record adoption, $8 was saved in labor costs.” In addition, studies show that patient check-in kiosk users tend to spend less time waiting for appointments than non-users.

But before you rush out to purchase a patient check-in kioskthe first step is to figure out what kind of patient check-in system you need. There are two main categories of patient check-in systems:

Self service kiosks: Self service kiosks are designed to allow patients to enter information into their EMRs without any manual intervention from a human being. These kiosks usually require no training or setup, and they can run almost entirely autonomously.

Automated kiosks: Automated kiosks, on the other hand, require some form of human interaction during the process. They often come equipped with preprogrammed questions that are triggered after the user enters information through the touchscreen.

Here are some factors that differentiate these two kinds of patient check-in software:

Self Service vs. Automated Patient Check-In Systems

• Self service kiosks are typically easier to set up and operate than automated kiosks, but they lack the ability to detect errors and provide corrective actions.

• On the flip side, automated kiosks can correct mistakes made by patients, but they require more manpower to install and maintain them.

• Both types of patient check-in solutions offer similar levels of security.

• Self service kiosk prices range anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000.

What Is Patient Check-In Kiosk Software Patient check-in kiosks are self-service devices that allow patients to check in to the hospital, pharmacy, or doctor’s office. They usually have touchscreens and a scanner so patients can scan their insurance cards, drivers licence, or other forms of identification.