Performance Testing Software

What Makes A Good Performance Testing?

Performance Testing Software (PTS) is essential for any business that wants to increase their performance. It helps in analyzing the performance issues before they become a problem for the users. PTS provides insights into how fast data transfers across networks and applications, and whether the application is responding within expected times. There are several ways through which PTS can help you improve your website speed; some of them are discussed below.

Speed Index: Speed index is a score that calculates the speed of websites. It is calculated by taking the total number of milliseconds taken by each page load and dividing it by the total number of seconds needed to load the entire site. Higher numbers mean faster sites.

Page Load Time: Page load time is the amount of time it takes to load a single webpage. It includes the time spent downloading the HTML code and CSS files, parsing the markup language, rendering the page and loading the JavaScript libraries. As per Google Chrome developers, page load time is a measure of how long it takes to display a single web page. In general, pages with longer load times tend to be slower than those with shorter loads.

Server Response Times: Server response times are the average time it takes for a server to respond to a request for information. It includes the time taken to send the HTTP header along with the actual data sent. The server response time is measured in milliseconds. Usually, there is no difference between the server response time and the page load time. However, if the server response time is higher than the page load time, it means that the server is not able to process the request in time. On the other hand, if the server response times are lower than the page load times, it indicates that the server is handling requests rapidly.

Application Latency: Application latency measures the time taken by an application to start executing after a user clicks on a button or link. It is usually measured in milliseconds. Applications with low latencies can be considered as responsive because they start working almost instantly when the user interacts with them.

What Is Performance Testing Software Performance testing software helps developers and testers identify performance bottlenecks so they can fix them before the code goes live.