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What Makes A Good Platform as a Service?

The term “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” means that developers can focus on building applications rather than having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Developer productivity: PaaS platforms allow developers to focus on coding, testing, deployment, and much more. With less overhead, developers can spend more time developing new features for their products or services.

Automated deployments: Deploying code changes can be a time consuming process. Having automated deployment processes available gives developers the ability to deploy new versions of their code frequently. Automated deployment also helps to improve developer efficiency by reducing human error.

Faster development cycles: When you have fewer moving parts, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to develop, test, deploy, and scale your application. Allowing your developers to spend more time making your product better, rather than managing the underlying infrastructure, speeds up the entire development cycle.


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What Is Platform as a Service Software Platform as a service (PaaS) is cloud-based software that helps developers write code faster and easier. PaaS providers store the code on their servers while developers only need to focus on writing code.