Pool Service Software

What Makes A Good Pool Service?

Pool service software (or pool management software) helps you manage pools and spas. It can also help you track pool chemicals, measure water levels, monitor alarms, and much more. Here are some of the must-have features of a great pool service software.

Alarms: Alarm systems are essential for any pool. They let you know when there’s trouble with your pool or spa equipment. Some alarm systems can alert you if someone is tampering with your pool or spa.

Reporting: Having a report generator lets you create reports for your staff. These reports can show you everything from how much chemical was used last month to the number of fish lost due to a leaky pipe.

Recurring payments: Recurring payments allow you to set up automatic monthly bills for your pool service. These recurring bills can be for chemicals, filters, pumps, or whatever else you need.

Remote control: Remote controls are helpful because they let you turn on pumps remotely and check on your pool from anywhere.

Automatic scheduling: Automatic scheduling is a great feature if you have a lot of pool service tasks that need to be done every day, week, or month. With this feature, you can schedule automatic checks for water levels, pump operation, filter cleaning, and other tasks.

Manual scheduling: Manual scheduling lets you manually schedule pool service tasks like checking water levels or opening valves.

Automated billing: Automated billing helps to streamline your finances by allowing you to pay one bill each month instead of having to pay each individual item separately.

What Is Pool Service Software Pool service software helps pool owners keep track of their swimming pools. They include features like scheduling, invoicing, reporting, and more.