You shouldn’t have to wait until stock hits your warehouse to list your next product.

PreProduct allows brands to take orders for future products at any point in the new product development cycle. Whether this is for research purposes (prior to ordering stock) or for collecting orders ahead of stock delivery.

Payment links are only sent out when you trigger them, so you’re completely in control (and legally compliant).

Use PreProduct to sell future products by selling and gauging customer demand via their next-generation pre-order system.

You can collect pre-order revenue by listing your next product much earlier, and start collecting pre-orders (estimated shipping date is shown).

Charge customers later by capturing orders today, and send  'payment link' emails when you’re ready.

Additionally, you can keep pre-orders in their own system until paid. De-risk new product releases (pre-orders only transact if you trigger payment links)!

PreProduct integrates with Shopify and the native inventory/order/checkout system.

Get lifetime access to PreProduct today!

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Test and make sales for future products on Shopify


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