Pricing Model Strategy

There is no right or wrong answer, but… How much do you charge, and What makes sense?

What features gives the end-users enough usability without cutting yourself short with the right amount of restriction to move them up the pricing plans?

SaaS Vs Enterprise

Regarding a marketing strategy, some would argue you should have one or the other when it comes to a top-down or button-up approach.

To me, this is outdated marketing and sales tactic, but it depends on your product too.

If you’re dealing with a large and broad audience that is B2B, why not tackle it with a hybrid approach?

Especially if you offer a SaaS product and a Self-hosted version also.

Why am I talking about marketing strategy in a pricing model?

Because it has a lot to do with who your target is, how they buy, how you sell and ultimately, how much you should charge.

Self ServiceSelf ServiceDemoDemoDemoDemo

The top-down approach to management is when company-wide decisions are made solely by leadership at the top. In contrast, the bottom-up approach gives all teams a voice in these decisions.