Primary Care EHR Software

What Makes A Good Primary Care EHR?

Primary care electronic health records (EHR) hold immense potential to improve patient care, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve population health. Despite this promise, primary care EHR adoption remains slow, especially among small practices. Many providers cite the lack of user-friendly functionality among the biggest barriers to adoption.

The right EHR solution must address the needs of patients and providers alike, including the following key elements:

User-Friendly Functionality: Users require a system that is easy to navigate and understand. A well-designed application provides features that allow users to efficiently enter, view, interpret, and communicate information.

Patient Engagement: Patients expect that their physicians are providing quality care by utilizing technology that is user-friendly and convenient. An effective EHR should provide a means for patients and providers to engage in conversations regarding treatment options and outcomes.

Cost Savings: Providers need a system that reduces operational expenses and increases efficiency. Costs associated with implementing and maintaining an EHR should be considered during the decision making process.

Population Health Management: Successfully managing and improving the health of populations requires accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting. Effective EHR solutions enable providers to collect and report on measures such as chronic disease management indicators and immunization rates.

To identify primary care EHR vendors that offer the above key capabilities, we surveyed more than 1,300 healthcare professionals and consumers across seven specialties – internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and emergency medicine. We asked respondents to rate the importance of the attributes listed below for a primary care EHR vendor, and to indicate whether each attribute was important or not important for them personally.



We also asked respondents to select the top three attributes they would like to see improved in a primary care EHR, and to select one of six possible reasons why they might choose one EHR over another.

Respondents were able to rank up to 10 attributes, so we calculated weighted averages for each attribute. We then ranked all vendors by average score for attributes most important to them.

What Is Primary Care EHR Software Primary care electronic health records (EHR) are systems used by doctors and other healthcare providers to store patient information. They include medical histories, test results, prescriptions, and more.