Proctoring Software

What Makes A Good Proctoring?

Proctoring Software is a must-have for any online course provider. It helps you manage your students, assign tasks, monitor progress, and report on student performance.

Tasks management: Tasks are a big part of proctoring, especially when you’re working with students who aren’t familiar with technology. Having a system set up where assignments are assigned automatically is key to getting started. And having a system that allows you to easily update and change tasks is key to keeping track of everything going on.

Student reporting: Getting reports on student performance is essential to making sure you’re delivering quality education to your students. Student reports give you details on each student’s progress through the course, including whether they completed each assignment and how well they did on tests and quizzes.

Students monitoring: There are two ways your students can interact with your proctoring software – via a mobile device or via a computer. If you decide to go with a mobile solution, your students will need to install your app on their phones. With this approach, there is no need for a separate computer. Students simply download the app and start interacting with it. Alternatively, if you choose a computer-based solution, your students will use a computer to log into your site. They’ll enter their email address, password, and other information needed to complete the tasks.

Managing groups: Managing groups of students becomes easier when you use a proctoring software that lets you create custom groups. These groups allow you to group students by subject matter, grade levels, and more. Each group can have its own unique assignments and reports.

Reporting tools: Reporting tools help you analyze data and generate reports. You can see exactly what your students have done over the last several weeks, months, or quarters. Reports include detailed information on student performance, demographics, and much more.

Student tracking: Tracking students throughout the duration of the course is essential to making sure they’re doing the work expected of them. Your proctoring software should provide a centralized location where you can view all of the information about students, both online and offline.

What Is Proctoring Software Proctoring software helps teachers teach online classes. Students join the class at their own pace and can pause the lesson if they need to do something else.