Product Lifecycle Management Software

What Makes A Good Product Lifecycle Management?

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software helps companies manage product development and maintenance processes across the entire product life cycle. It includes requirements gathering, design, manufacturing, distribution and service. PLM solutions track everything from engineering drawings to production schedules, helping companies manage the complex tasks involved with designing, building, selling, and servicing products.

An integrated system: An integrated system means that the various parts of the process — such as engineering, purchasing, quality control, and logistics — are all managed by one solution. Integrated systems enable businesses to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

A 360-degree view: A 360-degree view enables companies to gain a comprehensive picture of their entire product portfolio. This gives customers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and engineers full visibility into each stage of the product life cycle.

Customizable workflow: Customizable workflow enables users to create custom processes, procedures, and workflows that fit their specific needs.

What Is Product Lifecycle Management Software Product lifecycle management (PLM) software helps companies organise, plan, and execute the entire product development process from idea generation through manufacturing and distribution.