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What Makes A Good Project Management Software for Nonprofits?

A project management system (or PMS) is essential for any business large or small. It helps streamline processes, manage tasks, track progress, set deadlines, and communicate effectively across teams and departments. But what makes a good PMS for nonprofits?

Tasks & projects: There are two main functions of a PMS—managing tasks and managing projects. Tasks are individual activities that need to be completed. Projects are collections of related tasks that need to be completed by a specific deadline.

Organization: A nonprofit organization is made up of people with diverse roles. Having a PMS that organizes information according to each person’s role and responsibilities will allow everyone to easily collaborate on tasks and projects.

Timelines: Project timelines are extremely important. Without a timeline, you won’t know where you’re going and how far along you are in completing your goals. With a timeline, you’ll always know where you stand and what needs to happen next to accomplish your goal.

Communication: Communication is key. Being able to quickly send out messages to team members, clients, donors and volunteers is imperative. An effective communication tool will allow you to send out messages quickly, clearly and consistently.

Customizable: Customizing your PMS is another important factor. Depending on your unique organizational model, some aspects of your PMS might need to change to fit your organization. For example, if your organization operates like a start-up, you may not need a formal workflow process. On the other hand, if your organization is more established, you may need to implement a workflow process.

Data security: Data security is a very important consideration when choosing a PMS for your nonprofit. Make sure that your data is secure and accessible only to authorized users.

What Is Project Management Software for Nonprofits Software Nonprofit organizations often have multiple projects going on at once, which can be difficult to keep track of. Project management software helps nonprofits manage all these projects so they don't get lost in the shuffle.