With remote work on the rise, team collaboration can get tricky.

The solution? OKRs, known to improve employee engagement. It's all about goals & productivity at Ricotta - right from goal-setting, updating progress to goal tracking on Slack.

Their aim? To make OKRs super easy to implement & cost-effective - it’s a WIN-WIN!

Why Ricotta?

Super simple processes - They have created a one-click installation of the app and an easy on-boarding of your team.

Weekly reminders - To make everyone stick to their goals, we send out weekly automated reminders to track and update progress.

Everything on slack - Define Objectives and Key Results within Slack, no need to leave the app.

Keep track easily - Update your progress, edit or archive OKRs easily.

Weekly & daily to-dos - Use Ricotta personal to-dos to manage your daily tasks. Create lists and track them within Slack.

Get Ricotta to make team collaboration easier and prioritize what matters to you.

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Build engaged and high-performing remote teams with Ricotta OKRs and To-Dos on Slack

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