SaaS Pricing

When it comes to SaaS pricing, there is no right or wrong answer and no magic formula for the perfect prices, plans or features. We’re going to walk through some different examples of some familiar products and services and break down how and why these pricing strategies could work for your product or services. Consumption … Read more

Partner Programs

Salesforce Partner Program Hubspot Partner Program Salesforce Partner Program Salesforce is a cloud computing company that allows companies to run applications, such as CRM software, from within the Salesforce platform. Salesforce partners include large organizations like IBM, Dell, and HP, but also smaller firms like law offices and accounting practices. The Salesforce Partner Network is … Read more

Prorate Calculator

The world of software subscriptions is changing rapidly. With SaaS products allowing changes to subscription plans in mid-cycle, it is critical to ensure that charges are aligned with actual use. The concept of charging customers monthly subscriptions is relatively straightforward. You simply charge each month based on how much data, storage space, users, features, etc, … Read more

SaaS Target Market: The Definitive Guide

As a SaaS product owner, startup founder or someone promoting software. Understanding your target market and the difference between your target audience is crucial to increasing user adoption and conversion rate, reducing churn and increasing customer lifetime value. It’s easy to define your target market at a high level, but targeting the wrong audience will … Read more

 Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value is the total revenue generated by an individual customer over the duration of their relationship with the company. There are multiple ways to calculate customer lifetime value. Understanding how these calculations work will help you identify which formula works best for your business. The basic customer lifetime value (LTV) is calculated by … Read more

SaaS Customer Acquisition Model

Free Trial, Freemium, or Demo Model? Each business, product, service or industry can be very different, and there is no one fits all approach. These models don’t always work hand in hand or are suitable for a specific product or audience. Blue Ocean or Red Ocean Tradeoffs between freemium and free trials Is freemium a … Read more

SaaS Seo Agency

Why SEO is essential for SaaS companies? Why do I need SaaS SEO? SEO is essential for any company that sells its software online. The cost of performance or PPC advertising is higher than the cost of content marketing. However, it takes time and well-thought-out strategies to be successful with SEO for SaaS products. Why … Read more

PPC for SaaS: Mistakes, Strategy, Optimization to Scale Faster

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) production has increased exponentially over the last few years. SaaS is everywhere and will continue to be so. This is a dream come true for SaaS founders and marketers. Market your SaaS product with PPC Reasons Why SaaS PPC Campaigns Underperform Paid search has become a critical component of the sales cycle when … Read more

SaaS Marketing Done Right

The single most important element of SaaS marketing is the sales copy. Sales copy doesn’t just mean those long-form, one-page sales letters with a big sales pitch. Your product also needs to back up the sales copy, you can’t just have good sales copy with a below-average product. If your software can’t back your sales … Read more