SaaS Metrics

Recurring Revenue


New Business MRR: Revenue added when customers convert from Lead to Active.

Expansion MRR: Revenue added from subscribers.

Contraction MRR: Revenue lost from subscribers.

Churn MRR: Revenue lost from subscribers cancelling all their subscriptions.

Reactivation MRR: Revenue added when customers purchase a subscription after they had previously churned.

Net MRR Movement: Net change in recurring revenue from the previous period.

Net ARR Movement: The net change in ARR from the previous period.

Exchange Rate Impact: Changes in MRR due to fluctuations in the exchange rate between the payment currency and your account’s currency.

MRR Movements

Annual Run Rate

Leads and Trials


Free Trials

Trial-to-Paid Conversion Rate

Average Sales Cycle Length


Average Revenue Per Account

Average Sale Price

Customer Lifetime Value


Customer Lifetime Value



Subscription Quantity


Customer Churn Rate

Net MRR Churn Rate

Gross MRR Churn Rate

Quantity Churn Rate


Net Cash Flow

Gross Cash Flow

Non-Recurring Cash Flow

Successful Payments


Failed Transactions


Non-Subscription Customers

Average Order Value

Average Spend Per Customer

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