SaaS Sales

Pricing Model Strategy

There is no right or wrong answer, but… How much do you charge, and What makes sense? What features gives the end-users enough usability without cutting yourself short with the right amount of restriction to move them up the pricing plans? SaaS Vs Enterprise Regarding a marketing strategy, some would argue you should have one…

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Marketing Model Strategy

There is the ago old marketing and sales argument when it comes to who should you market to? The bottom-up or top-down approach? The Maker or the Shaker? (Creators or Explorers) Let’s take a minute and break this down into two simple terms Makers & Shakers.  Top Down Long Sales cycle & demo calls, paid PoC, hands-on approach…

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Customer Acquisition Model

Free Trial, Freemium, or Demo Model? Each business, product, service or industry can be very different, and there is no one fits all approach. These models don’t always work hand in hand or are suitable for a specific product or audience. When deciding between a free trial, freemium, or demo model, you need to be…

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