SAST Software

What Makes A Good SAST?

A security advisor (SAS) is often tasked with keeping track of network activity. It could be monitoring traffic flow on a LAN, looking for suspicious behavior on a WAN, or examining data coming into and out of your organization. SAS products have been around for decades, and there are still very few companies that produce quality solutions.

The market is saturated with vendors offering “everything under the sun.” In fact, it seems like every day a new product comes along promising to solve your problems. But how do you know which ones have value? And how do you know whether or not you can trust them to actually protect your business?

We’ve put together this list of some of the best SAST products available today. We chose these products because they provide solid functionality and value for money. As always, we encourage you to read reviews and recommendations from trusted sources before making any purchase decisions. These products won’t necessarily be perfect for everyone, but they should give you a strong starting point for your research.

What Is SAST Software Security Assessment & Security Testing (SAST) software is used to test the security of applications before they go live.