School Bus Routing Software

What Makes A Good School Bus Routing?

School bus routing software is one of the most useful business management solutions available today. It helps manage school transportation services and schedules, track buses, drivers, and routes, and much more.

The ability to create complex routes and calculate route costs is a must for any school bus company. If you can’t easily design and implement your own school bus routing solution, you’ll likely struggle to compete with larger bus companies. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 amazing school bus routing software options.

#1. Google Maps School Bus Routes

Google Maps School Bus Routes is a free online school bus routing service from Google that lets you create custom routes across the U.S., view routes on a map, and see where each stop is located. The maps show bus stops along with their location, contact information, and directions to the nearest stop.

#2. EasyBus

EasyBus is a comprehensive school bus scheduling system designed by the same team behind the popular Easy Taxi mobile app. In addition to managing schedules, routes, and stops, EasyBus includes a GPS tracking module for tracking buses on the road.

#3. Route411

Route411 is a full-featured school bus routing application that focuses on ease of use and efficiency. With Route411, you can generate routes in minutes using a simple point-and-click interface. Route411 can also help you plan routes, monitor performance, and analyze traffic patterns, making it an excellent choice for school districts with limited resources.

#4. Bus Scheduling

Bus Scheduling is a cloud-based school bus scheduling software platform specifically designed for small businesses. Bus Scheduling provides a streamlined user experience that makes creating schedules fast and easy. They offer two plans — Basic and Advanced – and both include features like scheduled runs, driver reports, route planning, and more.

#5. iBusRoutes

What Is School Bus Routing Software School bus routing software helps schools plan routes for school buses so they can travel safely to pick up students at different stops.