Scrum Software

What Makes A Good Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for managing projects by breaking them down into small tasks. It was originally developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland in 2002, and it’s since been adopted by many organizations across industries. From agile project management, scrum provides a set of processes and practices for planning, organizing, executing, and measuring progress against commitments.

It’s important to choose a scrum software solution that meets your needs. Here’s some questions to ask yourself before selecting a scrum software solution:

How much do you know about Agile methods? Do you know any of the basics about scrum?

Do you prefer a visual product backlog? Or do you prefer a textual one?

Do you understand the difference between sprints and iterations?

Do you understand how to estimate user stories?

Are you looking for a single solution that covers everything needed for managing scrum? Or are you looking for a combination of products that cover the various stages of the process?

Does your company have specific requirements? Do you require a mobile application? Is there a requirement to integrate with third party systems? Does your business have a strict privacy policy?

What kind of reporting would you like? Are you interested in dashboards and analytics? Can you create reports and charts?

Do you need to track tasks and bugs? If so, does the scrum software offer this functionality?

Can you export data to Excel?

What Is Scrum Software Scrum is a framework that helps teams plan work, track progress, and adapt to changing conditions. It was created by the Agile community to improve collaboration and transparency within development teams.