Secure Email Gateway Software

What Makes A Good Secure Email Gateway?

Secure email gateways are essential components of any modern enterprise. With secure email gateways, organizations can send and receive messages across internal networks and public internet domains.

Here are 10 tips to consider when selecting a secure email gateway solution.

1) Choose a secure email gateway service provider that meets your requirements. Security standards such as DMARC, SPF, DKIM, Sender ID, and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), are used by some of the world’s largest enterprises to ensure message integrity and sender authenticity.

2) Ensure compatibility with your existing infrastructure. Consider whether the secure email gateway service provider supports integration with existing mail servers, e-mail clients, and SMTP relay services.

3) Understand the role of the secure email gateway in your business. Does your company require secure email gateway solutions to protect sensitive data? Is it sufficient to simply block spam? Or does the secure email gateway provide additional functionality, including anti-spam filtering, antivirus protection, or archiving capabilities?

4) Check if there are any limitations on the amount of bandwidth you’ll consume when sending large attachments. Some providers impose limits on the size of files that can be sent via email. Also, check if the secure email gateway supports IP reputation checks to determine the location of senders.

5) Do not assume that the security of your emails is guaranteed by the cloud-based secure email gateway. Cloud-based secure email gateway solutions typically rely on third party hosting companies, which means that you must trust them to maintain the security of your data.

6) Be wary of free email gateway services. Free email gateway services are often poorly configured and offer limited functionality. They may not be able to help you comply with the latest regulations.

7) Consider other factors before choosing a secure email gateway. Are you looking for an email gateway that supports mobile messaging applications? Do you need a secure email gateway that provides a unified inbox experience across email clients? Is it important to you that the secure email gateway integrates well with popular SaaS products like Office 365?

8) Evaluate the performance and reliability of the secure email gateway service you choose. Perform tests to measure the speed at which the secure email gateway responds to requests. Compare this information against the latency of your current email server.

9) Ask how the secure email gateway will work with your existing network architecture. Will the secure email gateway support virtual private networking? Can it integrate into your firewall? How easy is it to configure and manage the secure email gateway?

What Is Secure Email Gateway Software Secure email gateway software is used by companies to provide secure email communications internally and externally.