Security Awareness Training Software

What Makes A Good Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training (SAT) is one of the most effective ways to help employees understand security threats and protect themselves against cybercrime. Using a good SAT software to create and deliver your own custom SAT program can be a big timesaver. Here are some tips for selecting the right SAT software to meet your needs.

Customizable templates: Customizing your SAT program means using a template that reflects the information and materials needed to train your audience. By providing pre-defined templates that cover the basics, you can set up a customized SAT session in minutes.

Mobile-friendly interface: It’s important that your SAT software is designed to look and feel great on mobile devices. As more workers access company networks remotely, having a responsive mobile interface can be a major advantage.

Real-time feedback: In addition to being customizable, your SAT program should provide real-time feedback so you know whether or not your employees are absorbing the material. Providing immediate responses to questions allows learners to ask clarifying questions and receive answers.

Training modules with videos: Videos play a key role in any SAT program because they allow you to give learners a visual representation of the topic being presented. A well-designed SAT module includes instructional videos embedded directly into the slides.

What Is Security Awareness Training Software Security awareness training software helps organisations educate employees on best practices for security. It provides lessons and quizzes to teach employees how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.