Self Storage Software

What Makes A Good Self Storage?

Self storage management software is essential for any self storage facility owner. It helps store owners manage their facilities efficiently by allowing them to track inventory, check rent payments, create reports, and much more.

Manage Inventory: Many self storage owners struggle with keeping up with the constant changes in inventory levels. Self storage management software lets you easily update inventory levels and add new items. These updates will automatically reflect across all locations.

Track Rent Payments: In addition to managing inventory, self storage management software helps you track rental activity by location. This means you can see exactly where your customers are storing their belongings and what kind of activity is going on at each space.

Create Reports: Self storage management software helps you gather data about your business and present it in convenient, informative reports. From daily summary reports to detailed monthly reports, you can customize the information presented in each report to meet your specific needs.

Accessible App: Self storage managers shouldn’t have to rely on a computer to run their business. That’s why they need a mobile app that gives them the power to manage their facilities anytime, anywhere.

Integration with CRM: Self storage management software must integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help automate tasks like accepting rent payments, managing invoices, tracking insurance claims, and much more. Any system that automates processes increases efficiency and reduces errors.

What Is Self Storage Software Self storage software helps people store items safely and securely.