Social CRM Software

What Makes A Good Social CRM?

Social CRM (SCR) software helps businesses manage customer data across social networks by connecting contacts, providing insights into customer behavior and helping companies engage with customers. It’s a relatively new concept with limited adoption, but the market is expected to grow to $2.8 billion by 2020.

A SCR solution needs to address three key challenges: 1. Customer Data Management – the ability to store and connect customer information across platforms; 2. Insights & Analytics – the ability to analyze data and trends in order to provide actionable recommendations; 3. Engagement – the ability to create personalized interactions that influence customer actions.

To ensure success, a SCR solution must meet the following criteria:

1. Connectivity – The system must allow users to easily import and export data across various channels.

2. Security – The system must maintain security and privacy of customer data.

3. Scalability – The system must be flexible enough to accommodate growth.

4. Ease of Use – The user interface must be simple and intuitive.

5. Privacy – The system must respect consumer privacy requirements.

6. Reliability – The system must deliver timely results and be available whenever needed.

7. Cost Effectiveness – The solution must be affordable.

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What Is Social CRM Software Social CRM (or SaaS) refers to the integration of social media features into business applications like sales force automation and enterprise resource planning.