Speech Analytics Software

What Makes A Good Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics software can help you improve your speech by providing feedback on how well your voice matches the words you say. It can also provide information on how you speak and compare it to how others talk. There are various types of speech analysis software available, including ones that analyze speech sounds such as vowels and consonants, and ones that offer overall impressions of your speaking style.

Voice training software: Voice training software helps you train yourself to better control your vocal chords and achieve a higher volume during speaking. It does this by allowing you to record your voice while you speak and comparing it to a target recording. Training programs allow you to adjust your voice based on the recordings you make.

Synthesizer: Synthesizers create new voices by combining elements of existing ones. Sometimes called “speech engines,” synthesizers allow you to change your voice according to certain criteria, such as gender, age, or ethnicity. Some synthesizers allow for customization, letting you choose the qualities of your voice. Others let you select a voice sample to play through before recording.

Automated voice recognition: Automated voice recognition (AVR) refers to any system that uses automated processes to identify specific words spoken aloud. In general, AVR systems recognize speech by looking at patterns within each word rather than simply matching a word to a database. Some automated voice recognition systems rely on technology similar to that used in speech-enabled mobile phones, where a microphone records sound and sends it to a server for processing and storage. Other systems work with computers to identify speech using complex algorithms.

Speech transcription: Transcription refers to the process of converting speech into written text. Although some speech analyzers include built-in transcription capabilities, you can often purchase separate transcription services to convert audio files into text.

What Is Speech Analytics Software Speech analytics software analyzes audio content to identify topics, emotions, and other information.