Static Application Security Testing Software

What Makes A Good Static Application Security Testing?

Static application security testing (SAST) is a technique that identifies vulnerabilities in applications before they are released to production. It helps organizations identify potential risks such as SQL injection attacks, cross site scripting, session management issues, among other threats. In this article we discuss some key points to consider when selecting a SAST solution.

Automated vulnerability scanning: Automated vulnerability scanning is done by running automated scans against your codebase to check for known vulnerabilities. These scanners typically check for common vulnerabilities that lead to exploits such as XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, among others.

Extensive coverage: An extensive coverage of vulnerabilities provides a comprehensive view of weaknesses within your application that could lead to exploits. When selecting a SAST solution, ensure that it has a wide coverage of vulnerabilities.

What Is Static Application Security Testing Software Static application security testing (SAST) is the process of finding vulnerabilities within applications. It uses a variety of different techniques to detect bugs.