Stock Control Software

What Makes A Good Stock Control?

Stock control software is essential for any business owner looking to run a successful small business. With stock being one of the biggest expenses for any retailer, having an accurate and reliable inventory tracking system is crucial for keeping costs down. There are plenty of options out there to choose from, but finding the right fit for your needs could be difficult. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making your final decision.

What are my needs?

Before you start shopping around, you’ll need to determine what kind of features you need in a stock control solution. Are you looking for a basic inventory management program or would you prefer a full ERP solution? Do you need to track orders and shipments or should you focus on managing inventory? Do you need to manage employees and vendors or simply keep track of your own inventory? These are all important considerations to make before choosing a stock control software for your business.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a stock control program will vary depending on its features, functionality, and price point. Some programs are free while others are priced at hundreds of dollars per month. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before signing up for anything.

Do I need to buy licenses for each employee?

A lot of businesses require that every user in the company must purchase a license for the software. Many companies charge by the number of users, meaning that if you have 50 employees, you’ll have to pay $500 per month. Other companies offer unlimited usage licenses, allowing you to use the software for as long as you like. Be sure to check this option carefully to see if it fits your budget.

Is there mobile integration?

If you plan on using the stock control software at work or on the road, make sure it works seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Some free solutions don’t allow you to track inventory in real time on your mobile device, leaving you unable to update products immediately. Also, make sure that the application integrates with your accounting systems and other third-party applications. Some free programs do not integrate well with other software, forcing you to download additional programs just to get started.

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What Is Stock Control Software Stock control software helps companies keep track of stock levels and how much they have left to sell.