Supply Chain Management Software

What Makes A Good Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management (SCM) software is essential for managing your supply chains effectively. It helps companies track inventory, manage orders, forecast demand, monitor shipments, and more. Depending on what aspect of your business you address, there are several different options available. Here we discuss some of the basic requirements that any SCM software must meet.

1. Real-time data: An SCM system that doesn’t provide real-time data is useless. The ability to view current status of your products and customers will allow you to make better decisions as you move through each stage of production. In addition, being able to see past events allows you to predict future trends and prepare accordingly.

2. Multi-user capabilities: With multi-user capabilities, you can create separate accounts for each employee within the company. Each user can log into his own account independently. In this way, you can assign specific responsibilities to each user while still allowing him to access information he needs to complete his job.

3. Advanced reporting: Reporting capability is key to helping you analyze your supply chain data. Being able to run reports of various kinds will help you make informed decisions and identify weaknesses in your process.

4. Multiple platforms: Many SCM systems offer mobile apps and web interfaces that allow you to access your data wherever you are. This can be especially useful if you work out of different locations.

5. Customizable dashboards: Dashboards are another common feature of SCM systems. They allow you to visualize data in ways that are meaningful to you. Some systems let you customize your dashboard to show only the data and metrics you care about. Others include predefined views that simplify the process. Either way, customizing your dashboard will help you get a quick overview of your data.

6. Integration with ERP: Integrating your SCM system with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a convenient way to link all your data together. By doing so, you can easily connect your inventory information directly into your purchasing workflow.

7. Flexibility: Finally, flexibility is essential when choosing an SCM solution. Some solutions require you to purchase additional modules in order to expand functionality. Other systems are designed to be completely customizable. Whatever the case, if you need to do something that isn’t built into the core product, it’s best to choose one that is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.


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What Is Supply Chain Management Software Supply chain management software helps companies manage the flow of goods from suppliers to customers. The process involves managing inventory levels, buying materials, shipping them, and receiving feedback from customers.