Text Analysis Software

What Makes A Good Text Analysis?

Text analysis is one of the most popular data mining techniques. It can turn raw data into actionable insights. In this post we discuss some of the key requirements for a good text analysis software.

Data preparation: Data preparation is the process of preparing data before it gets analyzed. There are two main aspects to data preparation: cleaning and preprocessing. Cleaning refers to deleting irrelevant information from the data set. Preprocessing involves transforming raw data into a form that is easier to analyze.

Machine learning algorithms: Machine learning algorithms are mathematical models that provide insight into patterns in the data. These algorithms are trained by feeding them examples of similar data sets. Once trained, machine learning algorithms can automatically predict future outcomes given new input data.

Visualization & presentation: Visualization helps users to understand the results of text analysis. Presentation lets users present the data visually. Both visualization and presentation help in understanding the results of text analysis better.

What Is Text Analysis Software Text analysis software helps you find patterns within text. For example, this could be the words most commonly found in blog posts, or the phrases that appear more than others.