Tool Management Software

What Makes A Good Tool Management?

Tool management software (TMS) helps streamline the process of managing tools, whether it’s by users or IT departments. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key considerations to look for in TMS software.

Integration with third party apps: The number one reason why companies fail to adopt new technology is because they lack the necessary integration capabilities. When looking for a TMS solution, ensure that there are integrations built into the system to connect to the most popular applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, Slack, Basecamp, Zendesk, GitHub, Amazon Web Services, Box, and Dropbox. These integrations will allow employees to easily collaborate on projects, create documents, track expenses, manage tasks, and much more.

Modern user interface: Since TMS solutions are typically used by large organizations, a modern UI design is essential. Users should be able to navigate through the software efficiently and effectively. Users should have quick access to common functions as well as advanced options. It’s also important that users can customize the appearance of the interface to fit their own workflow.

Mobile compatibility: As stated above, TMS systems should integrate with third-party apps. However, these apps must also function properly on mobile platforms. Ensure that the TMS can sync data across iOS and Android phones seamlessly.

Multi-user capability: Multi-user capabilities are a critical component of any enterprise TMS. An effective multi-user environment allows multiple users to work simultaneously within the same software platform. For example, someone working on a project can leave comments while another person edits the document at the same time.

Automation: Automation is the ability for a TMS to perform actions automatically without requiring manual intervention. This automation can range from simple tasks like sending emails to more complex processes, such as creating reports or scheduling events.

Data security: Data security is always a concern when dealing with sensitive information. Make sure that all data stored within the TMS is encrypted to avoid unauthorized access. Additionally, consider using two factor authentication where possible.

What Is Tool Management Software Tool management software helps you organise and control the software licenses you need to run your business.