Veterinary Software

What Makes A Good Veterinary?

You can spend thousands of dollars on veterinary software, but there are some basics that every vet needs. Here are seven must-have features any veterinarian would appreciate.

Access to patient records: It’s no secret that veterinarians love technology. But, one of the biggest challenges we face is having access to our patients’ medical records. We need to be able to easily review and update treatment plans, medication schedules, and other vital information. Fortunately, there are several great veterinary software systems available today that allow us to store and access patient data.

Automatic billing: Many practices are switching over to electronic medical record (EMR) platforms because they provide a lot of benefits. One of the greatest advantages of EMR is automatic online bill generation. Gone are the days where you had to manually enter each visit into the system. Now, everything is done automatically and your bills are generated instantly.

Vet clinic management: When it comes to managing a veterinary practice, paperless invoices are a big deal. There are times when clients will come back months later to pay their invoice and they won’t remember anything about it. With vet software, you can create a detailed invoice with contact information, payment history, and payment instructions right inside the client’s file.

Charting tools: Charting tools are essential to making accurate diagnoses and providing effective treatments to your patients. These programs help veterinarians document the findings of exams and procedures, including x-rays, ultrasounds, and surgeries. They also give them the ability to generate reports for insurance companies, labs, and other third parties.

Patient education resources: Education is key to being successful in veterinary medicine. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable source of educational materials to refer to and use during patient consultations. Vet software provides this functionality through internal databases that contain everything from vaccine protocols to pet care tips.

Online communication: Electronic messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype have become commonplace in the world today. And, veterinarians have embraced these platforms as well. Email is still very popular among vets, but using modern messaging services is much more convenient and efficient.

What Is Veterinary Software Veterinary software helps vets diagnose animals' illnesses and perform surgery on them.