Virtual Event Software

What Makes A Good Virtual Event?

A virtual event software (or VES) is a comprehensive platform that includes everything needed to create a successful virtual event. It’s a one-stop shop for organizing a conference call, managing participant files, tracking attendee progress, scheduling events, and much more. And because it handles all of this behind the scenes, you won’t have to worry about any technical issues related to hosting a virtual meeting.

Comprehensive calendar management: In addition to the standard functions for organizing meetings, such as adding participants, dates, times, and locations, a good VES will allow you to manage your entire schedule in one place. Create a calendar for each day of the week, month, season, or year. Then use the calendar view to see all of your scheduled events by date and location.

Multi-user registration: Having a multi-user user system allows you to invite multiple users to join a conference call at once. This saves everyone involved time and money since there is no need to sign up individually for separate conferences calls.

File sharing: File sharing lets you send documents and presentations to attendees via email or upload them directly to your site. This eliminates the need to print out copies or host file downloads during the event.

Multiple login options: Many VES platforms offer several ways to log into the program such as a web portal, mobile app, desktop app, or API integration. Each method provides varying levels of security depending on your needs.

Automatic reminders: As soon as someone signs up for an online event, you can set automatic reminders to ensure they don’t miss the event. These reminders can be sent via email, SMS, chat message, or other methods.

Recording: Recordings allow you to capture video or voice recordings of the conference call. These recordings can be accessed after the event through the VES and shared with attendees.

What Is Virtual Event Software Virtual event software helps you run events like conferences and meetings virtually. It gives participants the ability to connect online and share information via a shared screen.