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What Makes A Good Web Analytics?

If you’re looking for a solid Web Analytics software that’s affordable, easy to set up and customize, and has tons of integrations, then I recommend Google Data Studio. It’s free and very powerful once you’ve got it set up.

Data Studio is built by Google, so you know there won’t be any surprise fees or unexpected updates. Plus, it comes with a bunch of pre-built templates that you can import into your spreadsheet and start analyzing right away.

The key features of Data Studio include:

1. Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards – Just like Google Analytics, Data Studio lets you create dashboards to view reports across various metrics such as pageviews, traffic sources, and user behavior. But unlike GA, Data Studio has interactive charts and graphs that let you drill down into each metric and see exactly where visitors are coming from.

2. Advanced Segmentation – One of the biggest advantages of using Data Studio over GA is that you can easily segment your data according to your business needs. With the advanced segmentation options available in Data Studio, you can identify users based on demographics, device information, location, date range, and much more.

3. Custom Visualizations – Data Studio gives you control over the visualizations you use to analyze your data. You can change colors, shapes, and other properties to get the exact visualization you want. And instead of having to build your own chart, Data Studio lets you choose from hundreds of predefined visualizations.

4. Built-in Integrations – There are so many ways you can connect your website and mobile apps to Data Studio. You can integrate directly with third-party services including MailChimp, Salesforce, Stripe, GitHub, Twitter, Github, Slack, Zapier, and many more. Or you can use API keys to connect to popular services like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Instagram.

5. No Setup Fees – Unlike some other platforms, Data Studio does not charge setup fees or ongoing monthly fees. So if you already have a Google account, you can sign up for Data Studio within minutes.

6. Easy to Use – Data Studio is designed to be simple and flexible enough for even non-technical users to get started. You don’t need to learn any coding languages or spend hours learning how to work with spreadsheets. All you need to do is upload your web analytics data and select visualizations you’d like to combine.

I highly recommend checking out Data Studio because it’s one of the easiest tools to get started with, yet still has all the power you’ll ever need to analyze your data.

Link to Data Studio Website: https://studio.google.com

What Is Web Analytics Software Web analytics software collects information about how people interact with a website. The data helps website owners understand what content visitors like most and which pages they visit the most often.