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WordPress Fulltext Search Pro Appsumo Lifetime Deal

WordPress Fulltext Search Pro Appsumo Lifetime Deal: This plugin improves searches on WordPress sites by adding speed, relevance and scope to searches.

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The FullText Search plugin has been developed specifically for WordPress. It creates a transparent, word-based index to ease the search, adds relevance, makes meta fields and WP Media Library files searchable by their content and even more.

A special algorithm makes searches several times faster, adds real relevance and displays results in a user-friendly way. You can search by titles, article text, meta fields, tags, categories, and even by file content!

Searching in PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, etc is currently supported.

It complements the built-in WP search, rather than completely redefining it. This means that all functions of WP and even 3rd-party plugins will use a new improved search without any modifications.

No need to rent an external service to store the search index - everything is located and works from your database.

There is a huge library of addons that will help you to add search functionality to 3rd-party or plugins in just two clicks!