10 Steps To Learn WordPress Fast (So You Don’t Have To Spend Hours Reading Tutorials)

If you want to build a successful online business, then learning WordPress fast will be vital.

But even though WordPress is easy to set up, it can still take years to master.

That’s why I wrote this step-by-step guide.

It shows you how to quickly master WordPress so you can start building your next website.

WordPress Themes

To install, delete, manage and update themes in WordPress from the main dashboard click on Appearance > Themes.

WordPress Themes

Remove Default Themes

With any WordPress installation, you should remove any WordPress themes you are not using and should only ever have two themes.

  1. Your Main Theme (This is the only one you need, remove any old ones including the default WordPress themes.)
  2. The Child Theme (You can learn more about them here if you’re unsure.)

To remove your unused themes, hover over the theme and click on Theme Details.

WordPress Theme Detail Button

Now in the bottom right corner click on Delete.

Delete WordPress Theme

This is what it should look like with just your main theme plus the child theme.

WordPress Theme Clean

Add New Theme

To add a new theme simple clicks on Appearance > Themes > Add New.

WordPress Add New Theme

You can search the free WordPress theme repository by typing in the Omni search box for a specific theme or keyword.

In this case, we’ve searched “Generate” for the GeneratePress theme.

Once you found the one you want you can click on Install.

WordPress Install Theme

Once you’ve clicked Install it will start to install in the background and once complete you will have a confirmation notice.

From here click Activate.

WordPress Activate Theme

Upload WordPress Theme

To upload a theme from a 3rd part or a premium theme simply click Upload Theme.

WordPress Upload Theme

From here, simply click on Choose File then select the .zip file from your computer.

Once uploaded click Install Now.

WordPress Upload Zip Theme

Once uploaded, you will receive a confirmation message then to activate the theme click on Activate.

WordPress Activate Zip Upload Theme

WordPress Plugins

Plugins add a lot of flexibility to WordPress.

Delete Plugins

It’s easy to delete plugins and you can do this individually or in bulk.

When you first install WordPress you want to delete the default plugins if you’re not going to use them.

That is the same for any old plugins you no longer want to use or need, this is for security reasons and to also help reduce WordPress bloat.

To delete a single plugin simply click on the Delete button under the plugin name.

To delete plugins in bulk, use the checkbox to select the plugins you want to delete.

Then from the drop-down menu next to apply, select Delete then click the Apply button.


Once a plugin has been removed you will get a notice to say it’s been removed successfully.

WordPress Plugin Successfully Deleted

You should note, that just because it’s been deleted doesn’t always mean that everything has been removed.

Plugin developers at times don’t always add the functionality to clean up after itself so a lot of old data is left behind in the database.

Learn more about how to clean up your WordPress website here.

Install Plugin

Just like a WordPress theme, Installing plugins uses the same method.

  1. WordPress Plugin Repository
  2. Uploading a zip file.

To install a plugin simply click Plugins > Add New

WordPress Add New Plugin

Once you’ve clicked on Add New you can search the WordPress plugin repository using the Omni search box.

In this case, we’re searching for the “Rankmath” SEO plugin to install.

Once you found the plugin you’re looking for click Install Now.

WordPress Install Plugins

Once installed click Activate.

WordPress Activate Plugin

To upload a premium, custom or plugin that isn’t found in the WordPress repository you simply click the Upload Plugin button.

WordPress Upload Plugin

From here you need to activate the plugin simply click Activate Plugin.

WordPress Activate Plugin