Yard Management Software

You’ve got a lawn? You should be using yard management software.

But which one is the best? In this review, I’m sharing my top picks for lawn care software.

I’ve tested all of them, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Best For: Landlords, homeowners, and property managers that want to keep track of maintenance issues and schedule repairs

Greenhouse Grower

Greenhousegrower.com is one of the best software programs out there for any type of greenhouse gardener. This program provides users with everything they need to manage their gardens efficiently. The user interface of the program makes it simple for anyone to use. Users have the option to set reminders and alerts about what needs to be done. There is even an app for android phones!


SmartGrow.com offers a free version of its software that allows users to track their progress and keep records. You can add notes, pictures, and videos to help record your experience. If you want to upgrade to their premium service, you can do so at $9.99 per month. This subscription includes access to the full database of data, reports, and charts.

Gardener’s Toolbox

Gardenerstoolbox.com is a website dedicated to providing information on gardening tools and products. Their online store features many different types of equipment including lighting systems, irrigation systems, and much more.

Garden Planner Pro

The GardenPlannerPro.com is a great tool for those who want to plan their gardens before planting them. This site contains a variety of different plans to choose from depending on how big and complex your garden may be.


Gopher.com is a website that focuses on helping people get rid of gophers. This company sells traps that are guaranteed to catch gophers. Once caught, these gophers can then be killed using a variety of methods. Gopher.com also sells bait kits that allow users to attract gophers to themselves.

Hydroponic Equipment Store

Hydroponicequipmentstore.com is a website where you can find everything you need to start growing hydroponic herbs indoors. From lights to pumps, this website has everything you could ever need.1. LawnMowerMax


LawnMowerMax is a lawn mowing software program that lets you schedule your yard work automatically based on weather conditions. You can set daily schedules for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly tasks. There are many different tools included with the app that helps you get the job done right, including cutting height settings, grass colour detection and even mulching options.


Greenhouse Garden is an automated greenhouse management system with many features designed to make running a successful garden easier than ever before. It includes everything from temperature control to lighting and irrigation scheduling, making it perfect for both beginners and advanced users alike.

Weed Eater Pro

WeedEaterPro is an iPhone application that helps you manage your garden efficiently using GPS technology. The app provides information about your weeds so that you can take care of them properly. You can also use the app to keep track of your garden’s progress and receive notifications if any changes need to be made.


CropCircle is a smart gardening tool that helps you plan and organize your garden activity at home. The app uses GPS technology to provide accurate data about your crops and their location in real-time. It comes with a variety of tools that allow you to plan and monitor your activities, including watering, weeding, fertilizing, pest monitoring, and much more.


SprinklerTools is a handy sprinkler timer that makes it simple to water your garden throughout the day. The app works with your existing sprinklers and offers several useful features including adjustable watering zones, rain delay functionality, and automatic shutoff.


WaterTimer is a great water-saving device that lets you save money while conserving water. The app gives you real-time updates on how much water you have left in your tank and reminds you to fill it up whenever necessary.

Gardening Calendar

The Gardening Calendar is a great calendar app for those who enjoy gardening. The app integrates well with your local weather station and displays current forecast information and upcoming events. It also keeps track of past events and lets you share your experiences with others.

What Is Yard Management Software?

Yard management software is a program designed to keep track of all your plants and trees. This includes their location, size, care, and health.

It will also help you manage your garden or yard from anywhere in the world using an app.

What Makes A Good Yard Management?

Yard management software is essential for any gardener. It helps you manage the plants, flowers, trees, bushes, shrubs, grass, vines, or anything else growing in your yard. It can also help you automate tasks such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, mulching, pruning, trimming, and much more.

A wide range of features: Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, there are several ways you can approach yard management software. Some are designed to provide everything you need to manage every aspect of your yard, including automatic gardening scheduling, soil analysis, plant care plans, and more. Others focus on one specific area such as lawn mowing, tree pruning, or irrigation systems. There are also some software programs that combine several areas into a single solution. Either way, whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution or a simpler option, there’s likely a suitable program out there for you.

Customizable automation: Automation is key to having a successful garden. But automation doesn’t always mean doing it yourself. You can choose a program that lets you set up automated tasks and schedules based on your own needs and preferences. Or, you can find a program that does the same thing automatically without requiring manual input.

Accessibility: No matter what kind of technology you use in your home, it should be accessible to everyone. That includes yard management software. Make sure your program is accessible by using standard keyboards, screen readers, and other assistive technologies. And don’t forget about those who may not be able to see pictures, read text, or navigate menus.

User interface: Your yard management software should make it easy to interact with the program itself. To start, choose a program that has a simple user interface. Don’t worry about learning new commands; just learn the basics like where to enter data, what controls are available, and how to get around the program. Also, make sure that the program is responsive and displays information clearly.

Data security: When it comes to managing your garden, you shouldn’t have to worry about protecting sensitive information. That means choosing a program that’s secure enough to keep all your data private. In addition to protecting against unauthorized access, make sure the program encrypts all data so no third parties can steal it.

Integration with other tools: Many yard management software solutions integrate with other tools in order to simplify your life. Choose a program that works well with other software in your household, such as your smartphone, smart thermostat, remote control, or other IoT device.


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Online portfolio management system is now very popular among individuals, small businesses and even large companies. These days, most of them rely on online portfolios to showcase their work and achievements. With this sort of service, you can easily organize your digital assets, such as photos, videos, graphics, articles, presentations, etc., and present them to potential employers, clients, business partners, family members and friends.

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